Wing Attach
Finishing 1
Finishing 2
Finishing 3
Flight Controls
Rudder Pedals
External Step
Seat Backs
Pitot Static Line
Aft Top Skin
Skin Time Lapse
Instrument Panel
Wing Top Skin
Electric Aileron Trim
Attaching Tail
Landing Gear
Sale Items

RV-6A Project Website


A Quick Build 6A

History of My Hobby

The RV-6A is the most successful homebuilt kit in history. Thousands of the kits have been sold. I am starting one of the last ones. In fact, the week I ordered my empennage, Van's introduced the successor, the RV-7. I figured they had worked the kinks out of the 6, so I stuck with my plans to build the 6 and have not been sorry. There are a lot of great web sites out there that have helped me, and I thought I would hang some pictures and comments here to document my experience with the excellent kit.

My Background

I have some background in woodworking, but I had never driven a rivet before starting this kit. Some of my early rivets attest to this fact! I'm learning as I go and I'm not afraid to buy a new tool or a new piece from Van's if I make a mistake.


The Quick Build Fuselage comes in a BIG box.
The separate box for the wings is leaning
against the fuselage at the left side.


Some Assembly Required !


The Wings come almost complete. The ailerons and
flaps are built, and are packed inside the fuselage.