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Landing Gear

I put the plane up onto its landing gear because it seemed like the right time.  For mounting things on the firewall and for wiring the panel, it is good to have the engine mount in place.  Once I did that, putting the gear on will make it possible to hang the engine.  The only snag is that I can't get out the door with the landing gear on.  My door is only 5 ft wide!
I was surprised at what a close fit it was trying to insert the strut into the mount.  I used oil, then twisted and pushed, twisted and pushed.  Finally, it was in there, but I was sweating.  I only put a temporary bolt since I know the gear has to come back off.  Anyway, it looks like major progress!!

For the following photo, I lifted the nose up to sit the engine mount onto a table.  The table holds the fuselage high enough to have room to insert the main landing gear struts.


My previous wooden support has been removed and the fuselage is ready for strut attachment.


The landing gear is on and my staff have begun their initial "x-ray eye" inspections.  They typically work in shifts, only one working at a time, and sometimes it is hard to tell if either one of them is doing anything to help the project!


Inspection signoff complete, my assistants like to immediately lie under anything new.