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Attaching Tail


I am attaching the tail to the fuselage even though it won't fit out the door. There is a lot of time required to align the tail properly, so I will drill it now and that will reduce the time required for final assembly after the move to a hangar.


The fuselage is first leveled front-to-back and side-to-side. Next the Horizontal Stabilizer is set in place. 1/8" spacers are placed under the front spar. Two bolts on each side hold the HS in place. The outer bolt goes through the longeron.


When the front is secure, the back is raised until the HS is level with the fuselage. Four bolts mount the rear spar , two on each side of the pivot brace.


The vertical stabilizer is attached by clamping the rear spar such that the height of the bottom of the skin is 4-7/8" above the aft deck.


Here is the look of the intersection of the HS and VS. The VS is not yet secured.



Here the VS has been bolted to the fuselage. Note the plate riveted to the bottom of the front spar using AN470-5 rivets. I cut off about 1/2" of the bottom of the front spar to provide clearance of the front spar behind the HS-610 angle. Trim slowly. I think it is good that the front spar ends right at the top of the angle. I primed the plate and riveted it to the front spar. I was able to fit the drill in between the HS and VS to drill the plate to the HS-614 by using a short drill bit to drill a pilot hole with the VS in position.


Here is the tail with the rudder hanging in place. The elevators are not yet mounted. The fairing from Van's fits great right out of the box. The next photo shows that in more detail.