Wing Attach
Finishing 1
Finishing 2
Finishing 3
Flight Controls
Rudder Pedals
External Step
Seat Backs
Pitot Static Line
Aft Top Skin
Skin Time Lapse
Instrument Panel
Wing Top Skin
Electric Aileron Trim
Attaching Tail
Landing Gear
Sale Items

RV-6A Project Website

N613G Above the Grand Canyon - January 2008

Westbound over Lake Powell - January 2008

The Mittens - Flying Low thru Monument Valley

Welcome to the web site showing Rick Grenwis' airplane project.

May 2011: Denver to Cincinnati to Greenville,TX & back
2360 nm - 16 hours - 262 hours on the plane
Feb 2011: Leadville, CO and Death Valley, CA
Landings at highest and lowest airports in one day
Feb/Mar 2008:  Added Dynon Engine Monitor
Jan. 13, 2008: Death Valley/Las Vegas
Grand Canyon/Monument Valley. 186 hrs
July 14, 2007: Taos, NM
Sept. 24, 2006: Mt. Rushmore/Devil's Tower
May 18, 2006: 131 hours TT
Apr. 22, 2006: Greenville, TX
Sep. 6, 2005: Idaho Falls, ID
Aug. 24, 2005: 90 hours TT
July 24, 2005: Oshkosh, WI
June 29, 2005: Greenville, TX
June 19, 2005: Leadville, CO
40-hour Flyoff Complete: May 18, 2005
First Flight: April 18, 2005
Completed: April 17, 2005
Started: March 23, 2001
Airworthiness Certification completed April 5, 2005

Last Updated: June 7, 2011
Latest Photos on Page: Instrument Panel
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I began this project in March 2001. Building an airplane sounded like an exciting challenge that gave me a fast airplane at the end. These planes typically cruise at more than 180 mph.

I didn't know anything about riveting when I started, but it is easy to learn. In a couple years I'll get to test my abilities when I fly this plane for the first time.

This plane is being built from a kit by Van's Aircraft.

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It's great to finally fly this plane!!
May 5, 2005

My Panel.

The finished plane.... except for paint.

It all starts very innocently with two boxes of parts for the empennage--the tail of the plane.



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